Pria Diagnostics (Pria) is a medical diagnostics company specializing in highly sensitive, ultra portable point of care diagnostics. It focuses on the point of care (PoC) and over the counter (OTC) test markets which are estimated at over USD 10 billion.

UL-Tech Electronics (ULTE) is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) manufacturer with services extending from intermediate assemblies to complete turn-key solutions, from small to medium sized batches to hi-volume mass production. Based in Ulu Tiram, Johor Malaysia, ULTE is part of the UL Technology Group, which focuses on offering vertically integrated manufacturing solutions to global OEMs, ODMs and MNCs.

The signing of this agreement marks a significant milestone for ULTE given the simple looking yet sophisticated nature of the product, which is regarded as a breakthrough in the OTC Male Fertility and Self-Diagnostics categories. The result of several years of research and development and an investment of over USD 7 million, the product’s platform utilizes Pria’s proprietary NanoFL™ diagnostic system, which comprises a miniature, highly sensitive fluorescence detection instrument and a microfludic lab on chip cassette. The instrument has the sophistication of a clinical laboratory flourimeter with the price and size of a rapid diagnostics. The cassette is designed for the quantitative detection of complex antigens and biomarkers. The NanoFL™ platform allows tests that previously could only be done in the laboratory to be performed in the physician’s office or in the very comfort and privacy of your own home. The product screens for male fertility in the same manner to existing laboratory standards by looking at sperm count, motility and forward progression.

“We are honoured that Pria Diagnostics has shown confidence in our manufacturing and QA standards, and has selected UL-Tech Electronics to produce its Element Male Fertility Tester” highlighted John Yeo, Managing Director of ULTE. “We are very proud that we will be the very first in this region to produce a medical electronics device featuring such sophisticated technology.”

The Element Male Fertility Tester marks the first of a series of products utilizing Pria’s NanoFL™. As Doug Erwin, Chairman & Chief Business Officer, Pria Diagnostics highlighted “We are in the development stages of Pria’s T-Test Thyroid Monitoring Systems which will address the USD 750 million market for thyroid disease management. Called T-Test, it reduces the need for additional laboratory testing making it a more convenient solution for more than 13 million patients currently taking Thyroid hormone replacement.” “This is only the beginning as these technical developments can be transferred to platform expansion for cancer, infectious diseases and other diagnostics.” added Dan Morrow, President & Chief Executive Officer, Pria Diagnostics.

For more information, please contact:
Doug Erwin, Chairman and Chief Business Officer, Pria Diagnostics