NanoFL™ platform

NanoFL™ is a miniaturized platform diagnostic for highly specific diagnostic analysis of fluorescent samples at the point-of-use. The system was designed to be used in environments where large, delicate or expensive diagnostic equipment would not be suitable, but a laboratory level of sensitivity is still required.

The NanoFL™ platform can be used as a stand-alone, application-specific device or as an integrated component of a larger system. 

The underlying heart of the device is its simple flexibility. Pria has tested the platform with a variety of fluid-based samples such as cells and proteins with labels ranging from FITC to quantum dots. 

Unlike current lateral flow rapid tests, quantitatively analyzing fluid samples allows a level of diagnostic sensitivity necessary for more complex testing. Using the NanoFL™ platform, Pria is developing several diagnostic applications focused on the therapeutic monitoring of patients at the point of care.

Pria develops point of care and OTC diagnostics products utilizing our propriety NanoFL™ technology.   Our team’s core expertise is the integration of polymer-optics, microfludics and solid state electronics with biological and chemical assays.