Menlo Park, Calif. – January 5, 2007 – Pria Diagnostics has officially finalized the establishment of Pria Singapore, Ltd., the newly instituted Asian Headquarters of the company. This new branch is a joint venture between Pria USA and several partners in Singapore and Japan, who contribute manufacturing and regional sales expertise. The location of these headquarters in Singapore will be highly instrumental to Pria because of its close proximity to Malaysian manufacturing facilities and international shipping ports; the country also has a wealth of financial and technical resources for growing businesses.

Pria Singapore’s first objective will be to launch the production of Pria USA’s first product, the Element male fertility test. TK Tech, one of the key Singaporean partners in the joint venture, has established relationships with several key manufacturers in Singapore and Malaysia, and maintains an extensive network of material and component suppliers throughout Asia. As Pria USA continues to develop and expand its offering of diagnostic tests, Pria Singapore will play a crucial role in the setup and management of production lines for these new products.

As stated by Dan Morrow, President and CEO of Pria Diagnostics, “Local expertise from TK Tech and the strong business environment in Singapore will enable this joint venture to support the launch and expansion of Pria worldwide.”

For more information, please contact:
Doug Erwin, Chairman and Chief Business Officer, Pria Diagnostics