Pria Diagnostics specializes in low cost, high performance, fluorescent readers based on Pria’s NanoFL™ platform technology. The company forms partnerships with diagnostics companies and manufacturers, enabling them to improve their current test sensitivity, or to create diagnostics solutions for the point of care market. Pria can help your business expand into the new and rapidly growing segments of diagnostics testing including:

Retail clinics / Field testing

Physician office laboratories / Consumer-driven testing

NanoFL™ is a proven technology which has been commercialized in Pria’s first product, the Element home fertility test for men. With offices in both Silicon Valley and Singapore, Pria’s experienced team can provide product design, product development and offshore high volume manufacturing. Our team will help you take your product from conception to launch, developing diagnostic devices which offer:
• Significant improvements in sensitivity
• Ability to read multiple sample types
• Digital, objective test results
• Electronic data management
• Portable, rugged design