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PRIA toxNeutral urine additive

For use to neutralize toxins in urine for lab testing


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PRIA toxNeutral urine additive is designed to neutralize all test targets (toxins) in urine sample without changing the color, the smell, pH and other important characteristics of human urine. Please use according to local laws. 

1.5ml per tube, two tubes included for two uses.

PRIA has tested this additive on major testing instruments used in laboratories.

Compatible with mainstream drug test methods including: EMIT (Enzyme-Multiplied Immunoassay Technique), EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay).


About PRIA

Pria was founded in 2002 to bring the benefits of  fluorescent clinical diagnostics into point-of-care and consumer markets. Since founding, the company has developed a novel diagnostics platform and built its first product Element.  In addition to Pria┬┤s internal development efforts, the Company has on-going collaborations with top tier universities as well as working as a sub-contractor on DARPA and NIH grant programs.




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