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Portable automatic hair/nail grinder

Fast grinding in 5 minutes


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*We reserve right to refund and cancel order if order fails to pass internal quality control.

**Regulated by the California HCQA Act

The grinder is used in laboratory to process hair/nail/mineral samples, so as to release toxic chemicals, such as heavy metal, THC, COC, who have a up to 90-day window for detection of use. 

After grinding, a third party drug/heavy metal test strip can be used to test the sample.

Total weight less than 1 Kg, along with our patented portable design, the grinder can be used anywhere.  


One validation test strip; One power adapter.


After Grinding
Follow the IFU of test strip you choose.

About PRIA

Pria was founded in 2002 to bring the benefits of  fluorescent clinical diagnostics into point-of-care and consumer markets. Since founding, the company has developed a novel diagnostics platform and built its first product Element.  In addition to Pria┬┤s internal development efforts, the Company has on-going collaborations with top tier universities as well as working as a sub-contractor on DARPA and NIH grant programs.




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