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Parsagen Diagnostics contraceptive gel, a Phexxi generic

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Birth control without introducing hormones and spermicides, which might bring too much stress to your body. PSG contraceptive gel works by changing the pH of the vagina during sex to prevent pregnancy. The product is a generic formulation of contraceptive gel.

Non-hormonal options like Phexxi offer the benefit of not disrupting hormonal rhythms essential for reproductive and metabolic health.

The product also offers the benefit of not relying on external condom use to prevent pregnancy.

Full flexibility
You only need to take the gel when you need it. It can be taken immediately before or up to one hour before sex.

About PRIA

Pria was founded in 2002 to bring the benefits of  fluorescent clinical diagnostics into point-of-care and consumer markets. Since founding, the company has developed a novel diagnostics platform and built its first product Element.  In addition to Pria┬┤s internal development efforts, the Company has on-going collaborations with top tier universities as well as working as a sub-contractor on DARPA and NIH grant programs.




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