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The horizontal flaring machine is a special equipment for flaring wheel rims. The machine includes host device, hydraulic system and electric control system, which features simple and reasonable layout, good performance for centering, one-time flaring task can be processed. Its working pressure, working speed and stroke range can be adjusted according to the needs of the process technology. It can be operated by manual mode and automatic mode.



设备型号Model NumberKKJ-300-AH
轮辋最大宽度Max. Width of Rim Band320mm
轮辋最大直径Max. Diameter of Rim Band18 inches
轮辋最小直径Mini. Diameter of Rim Band12 inches
轮辋最大厚度Max. Thickness of Rim Band5mm
扩口力量Flaring Force2000KN
系统额定压力Rated Pressure of Operating System20Mpa
装机容量Total Power22KW


Structure Description


The equipment has horizontal structure (like structure sketch). The left tooling is fixed, while the right one can be guided by cylindrical linear guide way to move to left or right side with oil cylinder. The left and right sides are formed in enclosed structure through upper and lower pulling plates, which much increase rigidity and accuracy. The oil cylinder is fixed on right fix seat in form of front flange and finishes rim flaring operation by the means of pushing middle movable part.


When the workpiece in slide way rolls to the target place, right tooling will be driven by oil cylinder to quickly approach to workpiece. When it gets to the working position, oil cylinder will change to feeding speed, tooling will automatically locate to central and start flaring. When feeding in the place, the proximity switch or pressure sensor will transmit signal, oil cylinder will start return, proximity switch will transmit signal when it detects that get to the target place, oil cylinder will back to home position. A processing circle mission is finished.


This equipment consists of three parts: host machine, hydraulic driving device and electrical control device. The host machine includes lathe bed, flaring tooling; hydraulic driving device includes oil tank, oil pump-motor group, pile-up valve, etc.; electrical device includes electrical control cabinet, etc. The host machine and hydraulic driving device is installed on concrete foundation, fixed by expansion bolts. The electrical cabinet is fixed on the back side of lathe bed.


Flaring Tool


This flaring machine need to install flaring tool for each diameter, one (1) kind of rim diameter need one (1) set of flaring tool.

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